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A 4 generations photo

Discussion in 'How I got started in Family History' started by TrishM, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. TrishM

    TrishM LostCousins Member

    Hi, this is my first post. I retired 3 years ago and one task I took on was to research my family history. I've certainly come a long way since then and am really enjoying myself!
    Anyway, my starting point was a photograph of four ladies; four generations in which my grandmother Norah Brett was the baby. As she's in a long robe I reckon it's a christening photo.
    I knew her mother's name, Maud Conlan, but had no idea about the older ladies. Family 'information' was that one of them was Irish.
    I discovered that Maud's mother, Annie Smith had married an Irishman, Arthur Conlan, so none of the women were Irish in fact. And her mother was Ann Goody. I was thrilled to be able to name them all and proudly told my daughters. Then I was able to work out that the photo was taken in Sudbury, Suffolk, in 1903.
    Then I needed to know more, and the search goes on.
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  2. Gillian

    Gillian LostCousins Star

    Great to hear you've become addicted. You'll have many happy years ahead and are probably already wondering how you ever had time to go to work!
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  3. jorghes

    jorghes LostCousins Member

    Sounds like a great search Trish - I personally love photos. No such 4 generations shots in my direct line unfortunately, although I think there's a five generation one floating around somewhere for the cousins.

    Good luck with further searches!
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  4. Helen7

    Helen7 LostCousins Star

    What a fabulous starting point! It must be really nice to have a multi-generational photo like this, and to see what your 2x and 3x great grandmothers looked like, even before you knew their names. Hopefully you will make lots more exciting discoveries along the way. It is certainly a very enjoyable (if addictive) hobby!
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  5. Pauline

    Pauline LostCousins Star

    This reminded me that about 4 years ago, at our granddaughter's first birthday party, we took a photo of 4 generations of women - my granddaughter, her mother (my daughter in law), me and my mother.

    Now I'm wondering if at some time in the future it will inspire any of my 2 x great grandchildren into researching their family history. :)
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
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  6. Heather

    Heather LostCousins Member

    Welcome to the forum TrishM.
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  7. TrishM

    TrishM LostCousins Member

    Inspired by the photo, when my granddaughter was born we took a follow on 4 generations photo with my Mum as the eldest. I told my granddaughter recently that there might be a future photo with her daughter as the eldest. Her eyes widened!

    Thanks to all for the welcomes!

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